Frequently Asked Questions


What is a life coach and why do I need one?

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"I don't live in Brighton"

That is not a problem. I can consult with you via phone, Skype or Google hangout if you wish. I am here to help you make your life easier and location is not a problem thanks to technology. 

What is a life coach and why do I need one?

A Life Coach is a facilitator, helping and supporting you to move forward in your life. We work in an equal partnership, you as an expert in your life, and me as an expert coach. When we ask for help, magical stuff starts happening... I help you build your resilience, confidence and resourcefulness and in a safe, nurturing space wether thats online or in person. 

How long is the free consultation?

I offer 2 x 30 minute free consultations each week, email me to book. Nothing is 'sold' to you, no expectations from either side, just a conversation about YOU and how I can support.


Is there homework?

Nothing changes if nothing changes. So yep, you got it, there is homework. I support you in the changes you want to make, at the pace you want to take.

Life coaching is expensive

I offer a range of services to suit every budget, along with some free resources on my site. 

How do I know I'm ready for change?

There is no 'ready'. Change is either our choice or forced upon us, either way it's a period of your life where support is vital. Whether that's from me or another professional is your decision. I have some great free resources on my website with regards to 'Change'. Videos, book recommendations and blogs which will help with a change of perspective.