Journaling Online Workshop

Journaling Online Workshop


Journaling (aka writing in a notebook) something you may have heard of, dipped into, been recommended to try…discover what all the fuss is about in this replay of our online workshop.

Included in Purchase - replay of online workshop, 3 downloads two jounaling exercises, and a Mini version of The Positive Planner.

Purchase this replay webinar to learn all about journaling a simple, practical, and revealing tool that supports you in helping yourself, looking after your mental health. Discover how it can give you the inspiration, motivation and support to move forward. To take action, and to boost your self belief.


Life coaching works in a very practical way, giving YOU the power to move forward with intention, with that twinkle in your eye that ‘You’ve got this!’ And jounaling is an incredible tool to use to support any personal development work.

Mary Meadows qualified Performance Coach and NLP Practitioner will be leading you in an hour all about YOU. Joining is Rebecca founder of ProperPost on a mission is to simplify, connect & add value to busy people's lives and Ali and Finn founders of The Positive Planner a mindful gratitude journal that inspires you daily and encourages mental wellbeing.


  • Learn the benefits of jounaling for our mental health

  • Discover new techniques and tools (includes downloadable pdf’s) to support you

  • Learn about ‘Jounaling Habits’ and how they support us

  • take away an actionable plan

  • feel positive, motivated and inspired

Details of how it works -

If you cannot attend the event live, you can still access, the event is recorded and emailed out to all  purchasers for you to re-watch, go through again, a great review and reflect tool that you have lifetime access to. You are purchasing a replay of the original workshop. A Life Coaching session from the comfort of your own home.

Upon payment you will receive a document with 4 links. Link to the replay. 3 PDF downloadable documents of the techniques we will be working through. You can print this out, or just use a notebook and pen.